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Welcome to Sustainable Urban Transport Project (SUTP)

Achieving sustainable urban transport has become a primary objective with the adoption of National Urban Transport Policy (NUTP) by the Government of India (GoI). To foster a long-term partnership between GoI and state/local governments in the implementation of a greener environment under the ambit of the NUTP, GoI has initiated the Sustainable Urban Transport Project with the support of the Global Environment Facility (GEF), World Bank and UNDP. Efforts to reduce or contain environmental risks form an important component of this project.

SUTP consists of capacity building programmes and city demonstration projects, which aim to induce a major change in urban transport in India. The project is assisting in the training and professional development of transport professionals in India and has produced manuals and guidelines for urban transport institutions, systems and design processes. The project is also supporting the design and delivery of innovative sustainable urban transport systems in five demonstration cities.

SUTP is supported by the Government of India (GoI), through the Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD), the Global Environment Fund (GEF), World Bank, United Nations Development Agency (UNDP), the states and cities for which the demonstration projects are located within.

The project is administered nationally by a Project Management Unit (PMU) in the MoUD. The PMU is staffed by a team of professionals supported by a Project Management Consultant (PMC). Each of the demonstration cities has a Project Implementation Unit (PIU).


The Sustainable Urban Transport consists of three components, which are Component 1 Capacity Building, Component 2 Demonstration Projects and Component 3 Strengthening of Project Management capabilities. A general summary of the project is given below.

Table: General Project Information

Project Sustainable Urban Transport Project
GEF Grant Number TF095549-IN
Project ID P100589
Project Approval 10 December  2009
Project Start Date May 2010
Project End Date November 2014
Closing Date (revised) 30 November 2015
Country India
Implementing Agencies – Component 1: Capacity Building PMU, IUT, MoUD
Implementing Agencies – Component 2: Demonstration Cities NRDA, AICTSL, HDBRTSC, KSRTC, PCMC
Implementing Agencies – Component 3: Project Management Capability strengthening PMU, MoUD



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